About Us

Smile Warsaw began serving hot meals to the homeless of Warsaw on May 14, 2017. We have fed an average of 120 homeless/unfortunate people each and every Sunday since. We have added the collection and distribution of clothes to our program – we have distributed hundreds of items of clothing to the less fortunate in Warsaw.
So – where do we go from here? We have a Vision. We have great plans and would like to share our 2018 Vision with you:
  1. Food – Serve a hot meal every Sunday.
  2. Clothing – Continue clothing acquisition and distribution – expand locations – where clothes can be dropped off, sorted and where the unfortunate can come and take what they need
  3. Haircuts and other services – We are gradually expanding our services to include haircutting and hygiene (with some of our homeless regulars working as the hairdressers!)
These are the key objectives we have as our Vision for 2018. If you have thoughts you would like to see added we welcome them. Please share them. We need a dialogue with volunteers on this Vision for 2018 and beyond. In the near future we will hold a general meeting of all interested people to put forward your ideas and visions with realistic methods, plans and timetables to achieve these. In the meantime please comment and contribute in whatever way you can.